of Silence

An interdisciplinary performance painting, inspired by the Japanese post-war art movements, Gutai movement and Butoh. Tatsumi Hijikata, Kazuo Ohno and Kazuo Shiraga.

In this process the artist explore the relationship between movement and painting. She pursues to create an impact of a silent body on the canvas, using her own body as the brush. Investigating the reciprocal connection between matter (Acrylic paint, water, powder pigments, plaster) and physical action (butoh dance) during four weeks, with one performance every week using the same canvas every time. Incorporating contemporary butoh dance her movements ranges from delicate and detailed strokes, to wild and raw mark-making led by her whole body in improvised live performances.

The intricate lines on the canvas hanging on the wall around her and the floor beneath her, her movements are bursting with expression, making a striking impact upon the viewer.

Concept, painting and multimedia art
Tove–Elena Nicolaysen

Elias Kallestein

Year of production

Performance duration
1 month


30 minutes video will be released in 2020