The human

“The human construction” is an intense and near butoh performance. With emphasis on the expressive body and an experimental electro acoustic soundscape, the piece uncovers human instinct, memory and experience.

Based on Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich’s research on the human psyche, Nicolaysen sheds light on our essential needs and motivations, through butoh dance. The artist explores human inner conflicts through the physichal textures, rhythms, movements and atmospheres of the human character structures. The work elucidates what makes us who we are as adults, how did we get here? It is a passionate and tampering depiction of human development from conception to adulthood.

“The character structure of a modern individual, who reproduces a six- thousand -year- old patriarchal authoritarian culture is typified by characterological armoring against the inner natures agony . The characterological armoring of the character is the basis of neurotically impotent rebelliousness and human misery “. W. Reich

Choreographer and dancer
Tove–Elena Nicolaysen

Composer and musician Kristoffer Lislegaard
4th of Octobre 2018 at Fibutoh, International butoh festival, Santiago Chile
45 minutes
Year of production


The Human Construction performance

24th and 26th of Mars 2020, Human Construcion Perfomance in Cafe Teateret in Oslo