The decedent's charm
is the dissolution of divine creation: hell.

Tribute to Olivier de Sagazan

This work is a ritual ceremonial journey, in the form of an multimedia performance installation inspired by the japanese artists Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno’s the founders of butoh dance and Olivier de Sagazan work.

Futers the artists moving around in a room of clay, as their movement in the material while sculpting shapes – creating a sculpture using their whole body. They explore butoh dance interacting with clay. The pile of mud was left in situ after the performance every day during three days, and presented as an artwork in its own right.

Concept, art direction and dance
Tove–Elena Nicolaysen

Guest perfomers
Brynjar Reitan Næsvold and Tove–Elena Nicolaysen

Guest musician
Karl–Thomas Ingvaldsen–Mo

3 days
Year of production