First post by Tove-Elena Nicolaysen

My name is Tove-Elena Nicolaysen, I am a choreographer, dancer and producer. And I have been studying Psycho-corporal integration with Marc Costa and Agustín Prieto for the last 4 years. This has been a turning point in my artistic career as well as min my personal life. And I want to use this blog to share knowledge about human integrated health and reflections around art. I am committed and passionate for the artistic profession as well as human life and development. I would like to inspire a healthy and sustainable lifestyle as an artist, and contribute to an increased understanding of our psychological health. I assume artist in general need more knowledge about the psychology around  pursuing an artistic profession. In this way it can become a tool in personal growth,  facilitate artist’s ability to create meaningful, empathetic, and sustainable works. I believe that an artistic profession entails a social responsibility, and that sharing knowledge is a natural and important part of the profession.

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